Trip Tip 1: Book Airline Ticket at Discounted Price

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I am on the mood for blogging and sharing tips for this blog, so I am making my first official Trip Tip post.

Trip Tip Number 1 is Book an Airline Ticket at Discounted Price.

Before we go on the official trip tips, first things first – we have to book a flight to get to the destination. We have had several trips – both local and international – and you will be surprised at the price we paid for the airline tickets. We once flew to Hong Kong for only Php2,600 ($59.65), and Boracay for only Php175 ($4) – no kidding!

The secret? We took advantage of the promo fares. In the Philippines, airlines like Cebu Pacific Air, Zest Air, and Air Philippines run several promos in a year. You have to subscribe to their newsletter or frequently visit their site for promo updates because the seats get sold out quickly.

Make sure you have your credit card (and passport details – for international flights) ready because most of the airlines only accept credit cards and require passport details upon booking.

Most of the flight schedules though are in advance – like one year in advance. The airlines usually hold 3-day seat sale with specific travel dates. They do such mostly for off-peak season. Our Hong Kong, Ilocos and Beijing trips were booked one year ahead, but that is okay, because that gave us time to prepare for the trip (and save more).

Have you recently booked a good deal/flight? Come back and share your story.




Welcome to Trip Tipper!

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Welcome to my blog – The Trip Tipper!

This will be my second blog and first one hosted in WordPress. In this blog, I will publish tips and tricks that I may find useful to the wondering wanderers and travellers. I will make it short and simple so not to bore my readers and visitors with heavy texts. I will also try to post tips on a daily basis, or even weekly – so not to flood you with too much updates.

I might also feature some places I have been to and visited – as my main blog (a personal and lifestyle blog can no longer accommodate my travel related posts).

Hope to see you guys again soon. I would love if you can bookmark this site!